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Free shipping on orders over $30
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Perfect product only exist in advertisement. In the real world, most people seek for good value products. And we call these group of people the pragmatism consumer.

What's a good value product? Properly useful with affordable price.  If we buy a phone, we hope it has many state of art functionality and stable communication signal; If we buy a fork, we hope it's solid enough and can't be bent easily. The pragmatism focus on the root value of products - useful. And the second important thing is price. Everyone has a budget for purchase. The pragmatism will not accept non-reasonable price. Each penny matters.  Of course, the appearance should be acceptable. Shining like a diamond is not necessary, but fitting the needs of popular aesthetics is.   

TENOZEK's team is a group of pragmatism. Our mission is to produce or find good value products and bring to our customers. And we use them by our own in daily life to test them. We will not say our products is  "Perfect" or "Greatest", because we don't want become Apple or Microsoft. We only what to share good values products to all over the world.



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